Racing Formats

Flat water Races (FWR)

Flat water surfski races (FWR) are typically held on ponds, lakes, and well-protected marine bays.  FWR courses are designed to minimize environmental factors, which enables competitors to focus the majority of their attention on physical performance. 

swift water Races (SWR)

Swift Water Races (SWR) are normally held on Class I rivers, as opposed to higher-class rivers featuring whitewater features and obstructions.  Some SWR courses include upstream and downstream sections, while other courses are unidirectional in design.

open water Races (OWR)

Open Water Races (OWRs) introduce additional environmental and logistical factors, including wind, waves, tides, currents, boats, shuttling/transport, and more.  OWR courses normally require a level of competency and fitness beyond the beginner level.

downwind Races (DWR)

Downwind Races (DWRs) are the true domain of the ocean ski.  DWR courses are typically held on the open ocean, although a few involve very large lakes and unique river settings.  DWRs often feature an event window allowing organizers to select the optimal day based on wind/wave alignment and other factors.