The 2024 Pan American Canoe Ocean Racing Continental Championships will be held in Fortaleza, Ceara, Brazil, home of the annual MolokaBRA Downwind Festival, from August 30th through September 4th.   COPAC has posted their first informational bulletin, and registration for this open entry competition is now open, so get ready to race in one of the fastest growing surfski communities in the Americas!


As a member of the ICF’s global network of 172 national federations, the ACA facilitates opportunities for paddlers to compete in high-caliber ocean racing events across the world via the USA Canoe Ocean Racing (COR) National Team.  

The 2024 Pan American COR Continental Championships are open-entry, and the ACA does not currently require a performance-based selection process to represent the USA at any continental or international ocean racing championship or cup series competition. 

Interested athletes may contact the ACA Ocean Racing committee to communicate their intention to participate in a particular continental/international competition, and then meet the defined eligibility requirements.

Regarding requirements, there are a number of administrative items participating athletes must complete prior to the competition.  The ACA Ocean Racing Committee has compiled a downloadable information packet describing the participation requirements and guidelines.   The ORC recommends working through these steps as early as possible to avoid last-minute administrative headaches.  In addition please be sure to review the following bulletin, issued by the ICF and COPAC:

The ACA Ocean Racing Committee reserves the right to review and discuss a candidate’s qualifications prior to composing the ICF-required Attestation of Competency letter.  Ocean racing athletes may be able to accelerate the ORC's review process by completing at least one National Series benchmark race, however participating in these races is not technically required.

2024 ACA COPAC COR USA National Team Participation Requirements 2024-06-12.pdf